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Southern Hospitality… One South Meets the Other

Casa Segovia-Paz is the fusion of two worlds, two families and two lives. Two babies were born and raised in a Latin American world obsessed with passion, love, sadness, devotion, and generosity; steeped by their culture and history in the experiences and flavors of life.

Our traditional Sunday started by visiting and paying our respects to our ancestors at the cemetery. Then we would visit the La Cancha Farmers Market. “Coquita” Paz G. Prada, my mother was a traveler of the world. She taught me to enjoy the most complex and exquisite meals from foreign lands as well as to appreciate the humble, but rich in flavor, morsels sold only at the small city markets where, society said, “only the poor” will eat. The result was always amazingly delicious!

And I remember as a girl of nine, sitting in “La Gran Flauta”, the restaurant of Edwin Segovia S., my father, watching, as he prepared a “Pejerrey” fish freshly pulled from the Urubamba River in Peru. He told me proudly how it was a staple of the local people, a part of who I was. I ate the whole thing.

And now here in Nashville, my life experiences and the amazing freshness of local and seasonal farmer markets produce are translated into the flavors of our handcrafted empanadas and other meals we patiently prepare for all of our customers to enjoy.


Let's create new memories together; Let’s share a culinary memory, a fusion of South America and America’s south. That is Casa Segovia-Paz.




Nashville, November 27, 2013


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